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Air Hygiene is Key
to Fighting Contagions
Aerosolized particles are the problem — we have the solution
Promoting Clean Indoor Air
Strengthens Consumer Confidence
78% say that promoting cleaning and sanitizing will impact likelihood to eat at a restaurant 

Get Everyone Back in Your Business Now

Our air purifiers remove 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses1 from
indoor facilities. Our free marketing kit will let your customers know.

1Laboratory testing demonstrated 99.99% reduction of aerosols carrying MS2

Clean indoor air of
99.99% of viruses1

Use our air purifiers to
clean air more quickly.

Upgrade your HVAC
filters to capture viruses

Order cost-effective air filters
that trap viruses here.

Advertise your safer
space to guests

Order a purifier and receive
a complete marketing kit.

Free Reopen, Stay Open Marketing Kit

Onsite signage of all kinds

Decals and window clings

outdoor banner

Outdoor banners

Online promotions

Every breath matters(TM). Want to assess your indoor hygiene?

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Combatting Virus Spread with Indoor Air Hygiene

Incorporating one or more air purification methods can have a dramatic impact on reducing the spread of infection through the airborne pathways.

How PuraShield 500 can benefit commercial spaces

Researchers believe that virally charged microdroplets from patient zero were carried by the airstreams generated by the air conditioning system.

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Take a closer look at the science behind indoor air hygiene and the solutions that can help you maintain it.

Every breath matters(TM). Want to assess your indoor hygiene?

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