Success Story:

Addison Helps Top 10 National Retailer Protect Shoppers from COVID-19

Protection of shoppers and employees has become a top priority for retailers across the nation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, aerosols have become an acute infection control risk, providing a vehicle for airborne viruses to travel on and spread through. Fortunately, one of the nation’s top 10 largest retailers had already enlisted Madison Industries to provide their stores with world class technology targeting increased ventilation of outdoor air, filtration of virus carrying aerosols and humidity control to create an ideal in-store environment. So, when the pandemic struck, this retailer already knew that they could trust the effectiveness of Madison’s technologies in cleaning their indoor air, and they decided to boost COVID-19 protection across their stores through installation of [any other products installed due to COVID-19?].

At the beginning of our partnership, we analyzed square footage and foot traffic in this retailer’s stores and recommended Addison Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) as an ideal, all in one solution for each of these three crucial aspects of stores’ air hygiene. This comprehensive air quality solution, with an innovative design and quality manufacturing, was exactly what the retailer needed to create a safer, healthier, and more productive space for both its customers and staff across the nation.

Ranging from one to four units per store, depending on building size, Addison’s DOAS technology has the capacity to clean 3-100 tons of air space with an airflow ranging from 500-22,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Additionally, these DOAS units provide fresh air at a lower dew point, which in turn decreases the energy needed to run refrigerators in grocery sections of stores. Through controlled dew point, stores’ glass-front refrigerators no longer fog up and, as a result, require significantly less energy for defrosting.

In just four years, Addison has supplied thousands of units to 305 of this large national retailer’s stores, and the company will continue to provide premier HVAC systems and innovative air hygiene solutions for many more stores as the pandemic persists and shopper safety continues to be of the upmost importance. This innovative partnership, now more important than ever, ensures that shoppers and employees are provided the safest and most efficient indoor air environment, with protection from airborne viruses, as the county continues its road to pandemic recovery.