Buildings Magazine Publishes Checklist

As you prepare to reopen your building there are various things to consider. Of course, one of these is the Indoor Air Hygiene and we have provided some resources on this site to assist with this. However, there are other systems and processes which need to be reviewed or addressed before opening as well. Buildings Magazine recently published their list of “5 important tasks for Reopening Buildings During Covid-19”.

Included in that list are mechanical systems such as piping, HVAC & Ice machine drains and other water delivery components which may have been idle for the past several months. They also address important life safety procedures like emergency exits that may be impacted by new social distance layouts.

It’s easy to overlook things that you have not had to address in the past due to constant activity in the building, or because the flow of people was very different. Reviewing check lists like the ones in the Buildings Magazine article and those that we provide here at is a great way to make sure you have not missed anything before your occupants return. Click on the Step-By-Step Guides on the menu bar for more checklists.