Direct-Fired Heaters for Vehicle Finishing

Automotive Paint Booth

Direct fired air handlers for the finishing market deliver fresh, clean outside air into the spray booth or finishing area, as required during active spray and/or cure cycles. Together with the air handler, the spray booth maintains a slightly positive pressurized space resulting in concentrated paint curing times at optimal production operation. Dirt and debris are kept out of the pressurized finishing area while paired with on-board booth exhaust system.


  • Listed to ANSI Z83.25 / CSA 3.19 direct gas-fired process air heaters
  • Purge Timer – Purge cycle occurs before cure cycle starts; utilizes TD2 timer.
  • Cure Timer – Cure cycle occurs after completed purge cycle; utilizes TD3 timer.
  • Cool Down Timer – Cool down cycle begins immediately after cure cycle finishes; utilizes TD4 timer.
  • Exhaust Motor Starters – Allows connection of spray booth exhaust system to air handler operation.

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