Success Story:

Easy-to-install ventilation unit brings fresh air to dormitories.


United CoolAir Unit

Northern Kentucky University was doing a total dorm renovation for Kentucky Hall and required an all new HVAC system. They needed an air-cooled DOAS solution but had little to no room to place equipment and no space to install any outdoor condensing units. They were also facing some weight limitations as well.


United CoolAir had the perfect solution with their Alpha Aire Unit. Based on the dimensions of this unit, it was able to fit into the small space they had available for the new HVAC system. This unit also met the all-indoor, packaged, 100% OA that was required per standards. As soon as the engineer saw what we had to offer, they did not hesitate to place 9 of our units throughout the building. Being so pleased with the performance, NKU has ordered 9 more units for another dormitory.