FP and FP-S Mini-Pleat V-Bank Filter

FP Mini Pleat

The Aerostar® FP’s unique, inherently stable filter design distributes are evenly across the filter. It allows for large variations in air flow and pressure drop without affecting filter performance and efficiency. Our 4V mini-pleat V-Bank™ technology has proven to be cost effective and highly efficient in removing a wide variety of contaminants from the air stream. Filter incorporates 193 square feet of wet-laid micro-fiberglass media in a 24x24x12 frame.


  • Available in a MERV 11, 14,15,16 and R (98%-DOP)
  • Built-in handle eases transportation and installation
  • Reduced resistance to air flow promotes significant energy savings
  • Plastic frame creates an exceptionally strong yet light weight filter
  • Sustainable component for LEED/Green Building initiative

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