How can airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors be minimised

As the pandemic continues, we learn more and more about COVID-19 each day. Research on transmission suggests multiple infection paths and often presents leaders with conflicting results.

In this article, titled “Can airborne transmission of Covid-19 indoors be minimized,” the author cites engineering controls need to be implemented in order to reduce the potential for airborne transmission. He goes on to cite multiple studies and guidelines on engineering controls including the infection control pyramid which puts engineering controls as more effective than PPE. Increased ventilation rates, utilizing 100% outdoor air when possible for air handlers, not recirculating air, supplementing ventilation with localized air-cleaning devices, and reducing occupancy are all interventions that should be undertaken in order to minimize the airborne transmission of COVID-19 as cited by the author.

The indoor air hygiene experts at Madison Industries fully agrees with the need to improve the indoor air hygiene (IAH) of our buildings during the current pandemic and for future preparedness.