Indirect-Fired Air Handlers

Indirect Fired Air Handlers

Weather-Rite industrial indirect-fired (IDF) air handling units are used to improve air quality by pressurizing an area with conditioned outdoor air, also providing the option to heat, cool and recirculate air. In heating mode, IDF units exhaust by-products of combustion (i.e. carbon monoxide) outside of the heated space. The design of Weather-Rite IDF units offers an energy saving benefit with simplified maintenance. The reduction of electrical use is made possible by a unique single and dual blower/single motor design; with supply parts located outside of the air stream, replacing components is simple.


  • 3,500 to 57,000 CFM
  • Industrial drum and tube heat exchanger
  • Welded unibody construction
  • Upright or horizontal, indoor or outdoor configurations

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