LC® Series Linear Capacity® Demand Controlled DOAS

LC® Series Linear Capacity® Demand Controlled DOAS

The LC Series delivers industry leading performance and versatility over its 10 – 45 Ton range. Utilizing our patented Active Coil Exposure® technology, the LC Series can modulate between 20%-100% of rated CFM without compromising moisture removal performance. The active coil array, matched with the latest in variable speed compressors, delivers industry-leading EER, MRE, & ISMRE. The LC Series shines in applications where demand controlled ventilation is desirable, and is a snap to setup and control. From Retail, Offices, Hospitality, and more, the new LC Series is perfect fit for your next project.


  • Capacity from 10 – 45 Tons
  • Nominal Airflow from 1,500 – 6,800 CFM
  • 2” Double-Wall Foam Insulated Construction (R-13)
  • Hinged, Double-Walled Access Doors
  • 6-Row Intertwined Air Coils

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