MC/MA Series Split System

MC/MA Series Split System

The MC\MA Series delivers exceptional performance and versatility over its standard 3.5 – 80 Ton range. Featuring a modular design, the MA air handler can be field converted to either vertical or horizontal discharge. It’s a perfect match for every application requiring split systems for ventilation or dehumidification. Additionally, the modular design allows it to be installed in exceptionally tight spaces. From Retail, Offices, Hospitality, and more, the new MC\MA Series is a perfect fit for your next project.


  • Capacity from 3.5 – 80 Tons
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air or Recirculating Comfort Cooling Operation
  • Optional Heat Pump Operation
  • Airflow from 500 – 15,000 CFM (Outdoor Air)
  • 2” Double-Wall Foam Insulated Construction (R-13)

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