Mi Tierra Café y Panadería Joins Breathe Puro San Antonio Campaign

Mi Tierra Café y Panadería Joins Breathe Puro San Antonio Campaign; Adds PureAware Technology to Combat Airborne Virus Threats for Customers, Employees

Historic San Antonio restaurant chain joins ‘Breathe Puro San Antonio,’ a downtown program galvanizing restaurants and businesses to safely stay open for customers and employees by leveraging PureAware technology that combats the threat of harmful airborne contaminates

Dec. 8, 2020 – SAN ANTONIO – Mi Tierra, one of San Antonio’s most iconic restaurants owned by the renowned La Familia Cortez Restaurants, announced it is joining Breathe Puro San Antonio, a downtown campaign that is galvanizing restaurants and businesses to safely stay open for customers and employees by leveraging a proven air scrubber technology solution that combats the threat of harmful airborne contaminates in vulnerable critical areas. Mi Tierra is the first restaurant to join the effort – with the goal of reaching 50+ downtown and Riverwalk businesses this month – in adding PureAware units, which are powered by PuraShield air-scrubbing technology that removes 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses and allow users to see the performance and location of the devices from anywhere through the PureAware app.

Breathe Puro San Antonio is a downtown effort to help restaurants and businesses reopen and stay open by adopting leading air-scrubbing technology – one unit will be given by the PureAware manufacturers to each business that joins – to help give customers and employees peace of mind. The campaign will also feature an app where San Antonians looking to dine out can visit the microsite to see which businesses and restaurants have the scrubbers running in real time, ensuring the air environment they’re walking into is being actively purified. To provide further credence to businesses and customers, Inspirotec’s Air Answer, the only commercial air sampling device that has the capability to collect ultra-fine airborne particles, will be used to validate the improved air quality.

San Antonio-based WellAware, a leader in industrial remote monitoring devices, partnered with Purafil’s PuraShield a proven air scrubbing solution that removes 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses through a patented 4-step filtration process, to create PureAware, the market’s only proven, virus-removing air solution that provides remote monitoring and control for operations. Mi Tierra adopted the technology earlier this month – the first restaurant in the Breathe Puro San Antonio campaign created by WellAware and Purafil – and has already seen positive feedback from customers and staff in ensuring the air they breathe is being cleaned constantly. The restaurant is encouraging others in the downtown and Riverwalk area to join in the effort as it believes together they can revive the commercial scene while keeping customers safe with the help of this advanced air cleaning technology.

“We know that COVID-19 is something that we will have to live with for the foreseeable future, so our goal is to make our restaurants as safe as possible to work and dine in. PureAware has been a great partner in achieving this goal, and has given our team members and guests a renewed peace of mind, knowing that our restaurants are clean and that the air is pure,” said Pete Cortez, COO and third-generation family member of La Familia Cortez Restaurants. “We’re also honored in being part of this downtown initiative and are encouraging other restaurants and businesses that are looking for ways to also give their customers cleaner air as well as peace of mind dining in this winter to be part of Breathe Puro San Antonio. We were also honored by Governor Abbott’s recent visit to our restaurant, and feel confident that we were taking extra measures to ensure his safety and the safety of all of our staff and patrons.”

In addition to sanitizing tables and chairs, wearing masks, encouraging social distancing and more, the addition of PureAware units provides a significant new layer of protection by removing 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses.  With restaurants in the United States expected to lose $240 billion in revenue by the end of 2020, this campaign will ensure that restaurants can operate safely, while continuing to stay open for business. In addition to Mi Tierra, PureAware is used in other restaurants and franchises around the country with significant success including Mr. Gatti’s Pizza where the CEO Jim Phillips stated, “PureAware made a difference to our customers’ peace of mind, and the restaurants that installed these units have seen significant revenue increases.”

“We are excited to partner with La Familia Cortez to help them protect their restaurants with PureAware. Pete and the entire Cortez family have been such great supporters of our initiative to help the San Antonio community fight back against COVID-19 and keep businesses open in the safest possible way,” said Matt Harrison, CEO of WellAware. “With PureAware, La Familia Cortez and each of their participating restaurants can assure customers that they are going the extra mile to protect them, and they can prove it.”

According to Purafil’s President Tony Querciagrossa, “Mi Tierra is near and dear to the hearts of San Antonians and having our trusted PureAware units be the reason customers feel at ease with the air they breathe while enjoying their meal is an honor. Our patented molecular technology is proven and tested by leading air researchers and scientists as well as used by universities, healthcare facilities and institutions all over the country. We’re excited to be part of this effort in helping the Alamo City’s iconic Riverwalk and downtown stay open safely and with confidence. We look forward to working with more businesses in the area.”

Restaurants and businesses interested in joining the Breathe Puro San Antonio effort or learning more should visit: pureaware.us/sanantonio.


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