Success Story:

Northwestern University, Chicago IL

As Northwestern University made plans to return to campus and resume sporting activities in the Fall semester of 2020, the health and safety of athletes, faculty and staff was a top priority to consider. Amid a global pandemic, aerosols had become an even more acute infection control risk, providing a perfect vehicle for airborne viruses to travel on. Northwestern leadership knew it was crucial to find a way to provide clean indoor air in high traffic spaces, including locker and weight rooms in the school’s athletic facilities. Purafil’s PuraShield™ Smart 1000 technology was the ideal solution, as it is proven to remove 99.99% of particles carrying viruses and bacteria in the air. Purafil’s technology could provide the world-class air filtration, humidity control and ventilation that Northwestern University needed to keep campus facilities and their occupants protected while reinstating in-person training sessions for student athletes.

In addition to its scientifically proven results in improving indoor air hygiene, Purafil’s ‘plug and play’ technology allowed for hassle-free installation and immediate activation of its products, much preferred to large ‘in the wall’ overhauls that would have delayed the start of the semester. The PuraShield™ Smart 1000 technology was also portable, which allowed it to be easily rolled into desired areas of school facilities, and quiet, which made it ideal for learning environments.

“We chose PuraShield™ filtration systems for their highly effective particle capture rates, the incredible amount of filtration technology within each unit and layers of proven technology… Plus, they look great in our state-of-the-art facilities,” said Marcus Attles, Associate Athletic Director for Facilities & Operations at Northwestern.

Addressing indoor air quality through filtration, humidity control and ventilation is now more important than ever. With Purafil’s technology cleaning the air in up to 50,000 cubic feet of indoor space every 60 minutes, Northwestern University can rest assured that its students and faculty are better protected from airborne viruses than ever before.