Reopen and Stay Open—
The Key is Confidence in Air Hygiene

The science is clear.

Airborne aerosols are the problem—the main culprits of virus transmission.

Everyone wants a return to normal—indoor restaurants, in-class learning, and normal habits of shopping and entertainment. You can increase the confidence consumers need by solving the main problem.

The solution is even clearer.

Portable air purifiers with proven effectiveness and sized for your space can can remove 99.99% of aerosols that can carry virus.

In an average home, for example, it can take two to three hours for an HVAC air exchange. But an appropriate air purifier can boost exchange rates up to every 10 minutes.

Get back to business as usual in 3 simple steps.

Clean the air of aerosolized particles quickly.

Portable, industrial grade air scrubbers that kill 99.9% of target viruses and bacteria.

Upgrade your HVAC filters to capture viruses.

HVAC system filters that captures viruses, bacteria and contaminants.

Become known as a safer, cleaner place to be.

Use air hygiene as a powerful marketing and public relations tool. Announce your new technology to make your space an oasis of normal life.

Make customers confident to visit your business.
Let them know the steps you’ve taken with our marketing toolkit made for you.

High visibility signage increases guest confidence

Portable air purifiers at work are highly visible

Advertise your healthy space with complimentary graphics

Take advantage of every way to reinforce your message

We’ve Helped Many
Reopen and Stay Open

Want help figuring out how much air purification you need in your public space?

Measures to Make Your Space Safe

If you want to get back to business with confident customers, concentrate on these three areas.

Learn about the 4 pillars of indoor air hygiene

A guide for sanitization that inspires trust

Social distancing tips for a variety of spaces

Want to assess your indoor hygiene?