Proven Indoor Air Hygiene Solutions for Senior Living

The COVID-19 Pandemic has spread around the world and will change forever the way we clean and disinfect our environment.


In this new reality, while practicing social distancing and cleaning surfaces, we have begun to ask ourselves what are the next steps in taking airborne precautions?

According to a study done by the CDC aerosolized viral droplets introduced to the air stream by sneezing and coughing can stay suspended in the air for hours. These viral respiratory particles are of particular concern to high-risk age groups who are typically immunocompromised by existing health conditions.

Air Hygiene plays a Role in Protecting Residents and Staff

Air filters remove a range of particle sizes and each time recirculated air passes through a filter, more particles are trapped. When the optimal filter type and efficiency is chosen the HVAC system can dramatically reduce the number of pathogens in the air.

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