Toolkits for Healthy Air Communications

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Available as a free resource to anyone who purchases an air purifier through a Madison Industries company.

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    Announce That Your Space Is Safer.

    When concerns about airborne viruses hold your customers back, having cleaner indoor air means you are open for business. The first step is obtaining the appropriate air purification for your space. Then use every means at your disposal to let your customers know.

    Social Media Promos

    window cling

    Window Clings

    toolkit floor decal

    Floor Decals

    toolkit emails

    Email Templates

    Air Purifying Zone Table Tent

    Table Tents

    toolkit poster


    Air Purifying Zone Banner

    Vinyl Banners

    toolkit employee tags

    Employee Clothing Tags

    toolkit door hanger

    Door Knob Hangers

    toolkit sticker


    PuraShield Mini

    Photos, Icons & Taglines

    toolkit mask


    Get the Right Message for Your Market.

    Set the right tone for your customers with tools for a variety of industries as well as general tools for all.

    • Colleges

    • Fitness Centers

    • Retail Stores

    • Point of Care

    • K-12 Schools

    • Restaurants & Bars

    • Hospitality

    • Shared Workspace

    • Commercial Buildings

    • Rideshares

    • General Tools

    Download Your Marketing Tools.

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