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As industrial buildings re-open, enhanced indoor air quality is paramount to ensuring employee health and safety.  The optimum HVAC solution for large, open industrial workspaces with mixed occupancy, combines tempered fresh outdoor air, building pressurization and zoned heating.  Integrating focused radiant heat with make-up air handlers creates an HVAC package to protect industrial worker safety & comfort while improving indoor air quality and system efficiency.   The package, called VIRTUAL WALL®, is specially designed for the unique needs of open, high-bay variable occupancy buildings like, warehouses, distribution hubs, fulfillment centers & industrial manufacturing facilities. 

Learn more in less than four minutes.  Watch the VIRTUAL WALL® video here


  • Intuitive graphical user interface showing equipment status in real time while providing access to zone temperatures throughout the facility allowing users to adjust accordingly
  • Adjust set points and other control properties through advanced scheduling during occupied and unoccupied modes
  • Uses open protocol allowing communication over the internet or intranet without special software or plug-ins
  • Flexible trending provides users with historical operation data to review building conditions

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