Success Story:

White Dental Studio, Chicago IL

When White Dental Studio looked to improve its air hygiene to better protect the health of patients and staff, they knew they wanted an option backed by scientific data. During COVID-19, aerosols have become an acute infection control risk and a key component to consider when looking for air hygiene solutions. With airborne spread of COVID-19 in mind, Petar Tofovic DMD, MPH knew that the ideal solution for his dental practice would need to capture air particles and inactivate the viruses and bacteria being carried by them as quickly as possible, reducing viral spread which would pose a risk to both his patients and staff.

While researching air quality solutions chosen by leading hospitals, Dr. Tofovic came across studies on Purafil’s PuraShield technology from FDA approved labs. As a Doctor of Public Health and a Master of Public Health, he was impressed by the science-backed data proving the PuraShield technology’s ability to capture aerosols carrying airborne viruses such as H1N1, Influenza, MS2 bacteriophages and more. For example, the PuraShield 500 uses four layers of HEPA filtration to quickly remove 99.9% of aerosols carrying harmful viruses and toxic gaseous pollutants.

Not only did Purafil’s proven data impact Dr. Tofovic’s decision to implement the technology at his practice, but the size and ease of movement of the PuraShield 500, and [any other products?], did too. When compared to competing products, the PuraShield 500’s compact footprint, wheeled maneuverability and subtle design performed above all others. To top it off, Dr. Tofovic could quickly and easily install the plug and play air-scrubbing devices at his practice and his staff were able to move the units between rooms with ease. Unlike other products, there was no lengthy installation period, and Dr. Tofovic knew he would have immediate results while being able to return to his work with patients within minutes of the technology being delivered to his practice.

Since implementing Purafil’s PuraShield technology at his practice, Dr. Tofovic says “air filtration will remain a permanent addition to [White Dental Studio’s] infection control, even after the COVID-19 crisis passes”. His patients and staff can now breathe easier knowing that their dental practice has chosen a highly effective technology for infection control, with the practice experiencing over twelve complete air changes per hour. To learn more, find a full testimonial from Dr. Tofovic here: